CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) is a specialized department responsible for cleaning, disinfection, inspection, packing, sterilisation, storing and distribution of sterile equipments to patient care areas.

CSSD Solution builds on wireless hand-held device that make registration, traceability and documentation safe and simple. Meanwhile, thanks to its modularized monitoring system enabling CSSD solution to provide the right instrument at right time thereby contributing to a higher infection control level.
Features :
- Developed a special guide that build-on mobile device for designing and calculating the capacity of a CSSD right from the start
- Documenting the whole route of instruments to ensuring full traceability
- Controlled, well-thought-out working routine
- Strive for simplicity to free staffs to concentrate on the patients' well-being
- Real time monitor and enforce necessary control to reduce the risk of hospital infection
- Ensure complete traceability
- Maintain record of effectiveness of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process
- Real-time statistics and dynamic analysis on consumable and operation cost
- Efficient inventory control of supplies and equipment