Infection Control has never been more important, thus, an efficient location assistance is vital to track exposures to infection.

By analyzing the movement of a tagged patient and their interactions, our RFID Patient Tracking Solution is able to track potential contagion pathways to prevent the spread of infection. While late discovery of infections can be investigated, and those who come into contact with known contamination can easily be identified for notification and treatment.

Features :
- Wristband Tag with panic button to ensure staffs providing instant response to patient
- Monitor the high infection and elderly patients, to prevent unauthorized escape
- Instantly determine the location of a tagged patient anywhere within the facility can locate whether on the move or sitting still
- Real time crunches the positioning data and puts the locations on a map or into a hospital information system
- Eliminate the operational risk of "lost" patients
- Access an automatic log of all patient interactions for immediate staff notification of contact with patients later identified to
   have an infectious disease or chemical agents
- Support rapid response teams with real-time patient status information
- Ability to quickly locate high infection and elderly patients is essential to patient safety, patient flow and efficient operations